Need Assistance?

Hotline 0438 036025

All information is kept strictly private and confidential.

Leeton JumpStart Fund Objectives:

  • To assist and support local residents in Leeton and district affected by sickness, accident, tragedy or death
  • To raise funds
  • To provide financial and practical assistance and support to residents of Leeton and district
  • To market, promote and educate the community on the service offered by JumpStart
  • To ensure the ongoing sustainability and growth of JumpStart


How to apply for assistance:

Phone the JumpStart Hotline on 0438 036025 and leave a message which provides JumpStart with your contact details and a brief outline of your emergency.

You will be contacted within 24 hours by a hotline representative.

An interview will be conducted to determine the needs of the potential client. This information will then be referred to the Assessment Committee who will make a decision as to what assistance will be provided.

You will be advised of the outcome of your request within 24 hours after your initial interview.

All the information you supply to JumpStart will be kept strictly confidential.


Further information:

No funeral costs will be paid for.

Privacy and confidentiality are strictly maintainted.

JumpStart does not undertake fundraising for individual cases.

The preferred method of providing financial relief is through direct payment of accounts by JumpStart. Cash will only be issued in exceptional circumstances.

Download the JumpStart Brochure below





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